Puzzle #009: Street Rebus
Difficulty Level: hard

Vern has found a stash of radish jerky in the garbage can of a house. He’s made up a map to show his friends how to get to it. He’s also hidden a password to RJ’s journal somewhere in the map… can you find it?

The puzzle will consist of a single image done in the style of the suburbia map shown by RJ during the trailer videos [see sample image below]. For this puzzle, we just need a smaller section done in that style, but with some of the streets labeled and some directional arrows added as shown:

For reference, the street names shown are:

Wisteria Ave., Steve, Thomas, Rio Gr., Wyoming, Quarry, Along Drive., A Ave., Mall St., Fife Ave., Animal St., and F Ave.

It’s critical that they be written exactly as shown on the sample and written out here, with no additional “St” or “Ave” or anything else added to any of them. The arrows must be done as shown as well, as far as the turns and directions indicated by them. The line at the bottom showing a plus and minus sign as part of a zoom scale should be made as shown too but it doesn’t need to be functional at all as it’s just a static image.

Puzzle Solution: As the name of this puzzle gives away, this is essentially a rebus puzzle, using the street names implied by the directional arrows on the map. As indicated by the zoom scale at the bottom, a left hand turn means you subtract the letters from what you have (-) and a right hand turn means you add them (+).

Starting with WISTERIA AVE you make a left onto STEVE meaning you pull out those letters, leaving WIRIAA. Next a right onto ALONG DRIVE so you now have WIRIAAALONGDRIVE. Left on RIO GR leaves WIAAALNDIVE followed by another left on A AVE leaves WIALNDI. Right on MALL ST gives you WIALNDIMALLST which a left onto ANIMAL ST makes WILDL. Right onto FIFE AVE makes WILDLFIFEAVE and left onto F AVE leaves WILDLIFE, the secret password.