CHANGEAGENTS: CREATIVE CHIP was the very first ARG I ever created. I made it in 2001 while Electronics Arts' MAJESTIC was still running and although it was set somewhat in the universe of that game, it featured a totally original plotline and characters, a mysterious musical group known as the ChangeAgents. The game featured over a half dozen websites that I created especially for the game, some of my original music, a my very first attempts at Flash-based animations, puzzles, and videos. The only direct connection to MAJESTIC was right at the very beginning of the game when I listed a fictional country club from the MAJESTIC universe as the place where the ChangeAgents "live" song EXOTIC had been recorded, as a rabbit hole into the game for fans of the EA game.

Chapter One: DENIAL

Good, you've made it this far! I had to make certain you were up to this task. The "regular" fans of the changeagents who aren't involved in this have been given a different password and taken to another, safer page. I'm going to start filling you on what I've found so far but let me warn you: one you are aware of this stuff and start digging into it, you're making yourself a target of some very powerful and nasty people. Make sure you really understand what you're getting involved with here. most of the stuff I'm going to tell you has been so obscured and covered up over the years that the average person would think them fairy tales. But it's all true, and you can find the proof if you dig deep enough. Here goes:

In a tale filled with eerie coincidences two very important ones occurred in 1947. The first I'm sure you already know about - the founding of the CIA and the start of their long, horrifying history. The second historic incident at the Zoology Graduate Seminar at the University of California in Berkley, where Dr. Andrija Puharich first presented his Theory of Nerve Conduction in which he proved the neurons in the human brain were actually an organic type of radio receiver/transmitters that could theoretically be manipulated through external stimulation. While Dr. Puharich's work was groundbreaking and based on strict scientific principles and the best of intents it wasn't long before the CIA began manipulating Dr. Puharich and his research for their own dubious purposes. Under the sprawling umbrella of the now infamous MKULTRA program, the CIA set up the good doctor at Northwestern University under the control of the Army Specialized Training Division where he was told his work would be used for National defense purposes only. Simultaneously, however, the agency had multiple programs developing from Dr. Puharich's research, being conducted by scientists not nearly as ethical or loyal to the human race, people like Paul Weiss and Jose DelGado who bastardized Puharich's ideas with little regard for safety or the sanctity of human life. Some of the more significant and documented projects include Project Moonstruck (1952), the "granddaddy" of them all and actually the precursor of the MKULTRA projects; Project Artichoke (1953), the branch of MKULTRA that contained most of the mind control research (ESB, EDOM, RHIC, ELF, etc.); Project Orion (1958), also called "Dreamland" that began the microwave/ELF research; and MKDELTA (1960), the program to fine-tune electromagnetic subliminal programming. It is this branch, MKDELTA, from which several of the "groups" that we are still dealing with originated, including the changeagents.

To make a long, confusing story short, the CIA and various other clandestine branches of the US government have had the ability to monitor and manipulate the human mind for over 35 years. This technology has progressed from the invasive intracerebral implants used by Jose DelGado through hypnotic and drug-induced "brainwashing" up to today's cutting edge wireless technology using pulsed and modulated microwave audiograms to generate specific effects, feelings, and actions in targeted individuals. And not only do they have this technology, they have been systematically employing against the American populace for years. (Read this.) It was the scientists' horror and disgust at how their research was being used that led to Project ChangeAgent going "renegade" and disappearing with critical and irreplaceable technology in the late 1960's. And they have been preparing and using this technology to thwart the government's secret plans ever since. Over the years, the changeagents have manifested in many different guises, each time attempting to disrupt and sabotage secret government operations and experiments in mind control, with varying degrees of success. Luckily, their "theft" of the top-secret technology back when they went underground crippled the CIA's and NSA's development enough that it has taken years for them to catch up. the changeagents technology has also continued to progress and, until recently, their various methods of jamming and de-programming have been amazingly successful. Recently however, the completion of the various human gene mapping projects have opened up new, unforeseen avenues for the government's clandestine research and they have been quick to develop and implement new types of psychoactive chemicals that greatly enhance their mind control abilities. This is the real reason behind the massive chemtrail spraying going on across the country. To make matters worse and bring us to the crisis we are in now, one of the CIA's front companies has developed a new type of liquid silicon chip that can be inserted unknowingly during standard blood testing. Once it travels through the blood stream and attaches itself to the brain, it becomes an organic part of the brain itself and cannot be removed. They've had this liquid chip technology for a while but this new chip has one important difference - it cannot be jammed or de-programmed using any of the changeagents technology. It employs some type of "active integration" that effectively cancels external interference and de-programming efforts. For the first time in years, we are in real danger of losing this battle. And it won't be long until they find a way to use this new chip's principles in their microwave transmissions, eliminating the need even for the liquid chip. Once that happens, it's all over.

We have a very slim chance. The changeagents are working desperately to overcome this new technology and have enlisted the aid of many of their resources, including myself. I've been able to identify one of the key, maybe THE key engineers that developed this new chip. His name is Stan David and he works for a company called Creative Chip. We think that he's been unaware of what the government is doing with his research (or even being mentally controlled by them) and the changeagents had been working undercover to determine exactly what's going on. Although their maneuver was comprised they believe they had started to make progress and had begun to "deprogram" him, but then something happened. He's disappeared and we're afraid he's back fully under their control. We also believe that he's the only one who can help us here; we have to find a way to interrupt their control on him so he can help us overcome this new technology.

I've located this guy's "homepage" on the Internet. I'm certain there are some clues hidden there, perhaps while Stan was starting to get free from their control. See what you can discover. If you find a new password, be sure to come back and try it at the Fan Access Page 'cause I'll be posting my new findings there as we go. each new page of discoveries will be keyed to the new password. Also, be sure to check back to my ChangeAgents Investigative Log as I'll be opening it up to other agents to post their findings, hints and clues once this gets started.

CHANGEAGENTS: CREATIVE CHIP (and its popularity with MAJESTIC fans) was one of the primary reasons that EA began their BIOS program, to encourage and incorporate fan-created materials into the MAJESTIC game and universe.
The Flash-based HARNESS system secured on the Creative Chip website was an interface designed to allow remote control of the chips implanted into various subjects. Accessing and disabling the system by entering a series of codes was part of the game's finale.
I wrote and recorded all of the ChangeAgents' music used in the game, and actually posted it and sold CDs of the material from the website, which was then a site that offered exclusively amateur music for free. This was one of the game's main rabbit holes.
All websites, images, character names, and story descriptions are copyright 2007 - Dave Szulborski