CHANGEAGENTS: CREATIVE CHIP was the very first ARG I ever created. I made it in 2001 while Electronics Arts' MAJESTIC was still running and although it was set somewhat in the universe of that game, it featured a totally original plotline and characters, a mysterious musical group known as the ChangeAgents. The game featured over a half dozen websites that I created especially for the game, some of my original music, a my very first attempts at Flash-based animations, puzzles, and videos. The only direct connection to MAJESTIC was right at the very beginning of the game when I listed a fictional country club from the MAJESTIC universe as the place where the ChangeAgents "live" song EXOTIC had been recorded, as a rabbit hole into the game for fans of the EA game.




Chapter Two: MISLEAD

Welcome back. By now, if you've been paying attention, you should have learned some very important things. It seems this Stan David has been under some kind of mind control while he's been developing his new chip for Creative Chip, probably since the time of the blood test I saw mentioned in that e-mail in his NeoPO box. Creative Chip was probably a Beta test site for the liquid chip technology I described earlier because of what they have been working on. It doesn't appear to have affected his mental capacity but somehow made him oblivious to what was really going on there. The changeagent's operative "Joe" began to have some positive impact when he introduced Stan to the changeagents music but his positon was compromised before he was entirely successful. Still, the de-programming cryptoharmonics in the music were moderatley successful, allowing Stan to began to see what was really happening. That was when he contacted the changeagents and probably hid some of the secret stuff on his site. Unfortunately, his "controllers" apparently became aware of our involvement and have taken countermeasures, possibly using the very anti-interference technology Stan developed for them. How ironic.

I found a page called HARNESS at the Creative Chip site that we promised "remote control" capabilities of their mind control chips. We believe that it's this systen that they are using to control Stan and through which they will be implementing this dangerous new technology. I've tried accessing it but the first thing you need is an employee identification number which Stan never provided to us. I've been trying to discover it through various sources but so far no luck. I feel like I'm overlooking something obvious so I'm reviewing my notes. In the meantime, see what you can find.

I have posted a spec page that Stan managed to send us earlier. It has some critical information you will need. It is posted here. Get what you can while it's there 'cause I may not be able to leave it up too long. Don't forget to try any passwords you find that don't work elsewhere on the Fan Access Page - they just might work. Also, check back to my ChangeAgents Investigative Log. I'll try and post some more updates, but more importantly, I'll be opening it up for other agents to post their findings, clues, and hints as they go.


CHANGEAGENTS: CREATIVE CHIP (and its popularity with MAJESTIC fans) was one of the primary reasons that EA began their BIOS program, to encourage and incorporate fan-created materials into the MAJESTIC game and universe.
The Flash-based HARNESS system secured on the Creative Chip website was an interface designed to allow remote control of the chips implanted into various subjects. Accessing and disabling the system by entering a series of codes was part of the game's finale.
I wrote and recorded all of the ChangeAgents' music used in the game, and actually posted it and sold CDs of the material from the website, which was then a site that offered exclusively amateur music for free. This was one of the game's main rabbit holes.
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