CHANGEAGENTS: OUT OF CONTROL was the third and final ChangeAgents adventure, the making of which is chronicled to some extent in my first book, This Is Not A Game. You can also view an archive of the player discussion during the game in the Archives at ARGNet.

OUT OF CONTROL featured the return of several characters and entities from the first ChangeAgents game, most notably the old enemy Creative Chip. The story began with hints of strange goings on beneath the recently completed Denver International Airport, where a new danger was growing in the remains of some abandoned secret military testing installations. The website Secret Below ( was dedicated to uncovering the truth of what lie beneath the Masonic symbols on the floor of the airport in Denver, and even featured video of a clandestine trip below at one point in the game.

Another new player in the ChangeAgents' universe was Brad Dunn, a private investigator who created and ran the website Undercover Web ( along with his daughter, Kaylee. Perhaps the most memorable new character though was Tommy Rashone, whose screen name was Tommy Wanderer, a fairly apt description for the runaway and trouble-prone youth. Tommy was fleeing a secret government program that had experimented on him with mind control via implanted chip technology and ended up trusting and seeking help from Brad. In a heartbreaking moment, Brad was forced to betray Tommy when elements of a shadowy cabal that included the World Alignment Program and Orpheus Technologies kidnapped his daughter, threatening to kill her if Brad didn't "deal with" Tommy. As players listened via a secret call recording and forwarding device the ChangeAgents had set up, Brad shot a screaming Tommy and let his daughter's captors listen via his cell phone.

OUT OF CONTROL marked the first time the ChangeAgents themselves were given names and somewhat distinct personalities within a game, with a lot of the early game centering around the Agent named Cheng. The game also featured a lot of Flash-based interfaces and mini-games (of sorts), such as this one, where the ChangeAgents journey down below the abandoned ruins of Byberry State Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. Another example of a cool Flash-based interface was this one for Watcher's Eye, a surveillance and sceurity company within the game.


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