Errant Memory
Sample ARG Game / Puzzle Trail
A 19 Step mini ARG written for and published as an appendix in my book This Is Not A Game
Sample Puzzles
with Solutions and Explanations
from Who is Benjamin Stove?
from Catching The Wish
Below are some of the major commercial campaigns Dave has created puzzles, codes, and other interactive elements for.
100 Puzzles created for the Dreamworks animated film
General Motors' Interactive Part of the Go Yellow Live Green campaign
Award winning campaign for Audi's A3 US Vehicle Launch
Launched on May 1st, 2006, offers 100 fun and challenging puzzles created by Dave, to promote the release of Dreamworks' OVER THE HEDGE and the new Hewlett-Packard dv5000 Laptop computer
For the GM immersive campaign, Dave wrote and integrated elements of world mythology, sacred geometry, crop circles, science, and metaphysics into the story and puzzles of the game
Dave created all of the puzzles hidden among the innocent looking media files found on SD memory cards retrieved from A3's by players throughout the campaign, including the infamous Evil Cube, a complex 3-dimensional puzzle.