Songs created for the first ARG
I ever made, in 2001:
Songs created for the 3rd CHANGEAGENTS game
Other music by Dave Szulborski

Exotic mp3
ChangeAgents: Impermanence

On the Brink mp3
ChangeAgents: Impermanence

What a World mp3
ChangeAgents: Impermanence

Voices mp3
ChangeAgents: Undercover

Mindset mp3
ChangeAgents: Undercover

delta12 mp3
ChangeAgents: Undercover

Hi Tech Voodoo mp3
ChangeAgents: Undercover

Chasing Dreams mp3
written in 2003 shortly after CTW

In Their Name mp3
written in 2001, a tribute to victims and heroes of 9/11

In Their Name video
on YouTube

All songs written, performed, produced, and copyright - Dave Szulborski
Launched in July 2001, while EA's groundbreaking game MAJESTIC was still running, CHANGEAGENTS: Creative Chip was the first independent ARG and Dave Szulborski's first game.
The 2nd CHANGEAGENTS game, Operation Mindset, furthered the story of the mysterious musical group and was featured by EA on their website and in their newsletter as part of the fan-created official MAJESTIC content.
The 3rd CHANGEAGENTS game, Out of Control, included the release of the 2nd actual CD from, this one entitled UNDERCOVER. It featured the song Voices, which was actually #1 for a while on that site's charts in May of 2002.